PartnerX is awarded Capek 2016 Product Innovation Prize
Issued on:2017-03-23

On March 18, 2017 China Robotic Industry Development Forum 3rd Capek Awarding Ceremony was held in Wuzhong, Suzhou. Nearly a thousand of industry experts, industrial robot enterprises, service robot enterprises, SI, parts enterprises, research institutions and investment platforms gathered there to communicate and share the outlook on industry development and witnessed the birth of Capek winners. Shanghai PartnerX Robotic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abridged as PartnerX) was awarded the 3rd Capek 2016 Product Innovation Prize.


This is the first grand meeting of robotic industry expected and noticed by thousands of people. In recent years, industrial robot-centered intelligent manufacturing has been rpmoted and the market of service robots is expending rapidly and the tide of AI has swept the whole world. In the NPC and CPPCC ended recently, AI was first written in government reports, from which we can foresee the future development of AI market. It is estimated by IDC that till 2020, the market scale of AI will increase from 8 billion US dollars to 47 Billion US dollars. How to combine AI with robot, intelligent manufacturing and commerce and make use of them will be key to the further development.


This conference, themed “Meet Capek, foresee new future”, discussed and communicated deep into the development of robot and intelligent manufacturing, service robot and AI. Abilix subordinated to PartnerX is leader of global educational robots. It participated in the appraisal of Capek this time and obtained 2016 Product Innovation Prize with its technology and products.

PartnerX deserves the prize. In September 2016m, Abilix released 4 series of revolutionary educational robot products catering to family users.


In the past, brick series and mobiles series forms the mainstream of educational robots. Contests and teaching are both based on these robots. Abilix has extended the scope with its newly developed humanoid series and flying series.


The humanoid series Everest is more sensitive than any other product of this type. Its 2-DOF hip joint and flexible finger design make Everest more active and grant adolescents with more project design space.

Iris is the first flying education robot catering to adolescents. It took safety factors into consideration so that the safety of both adolescents and robots are ensured when executing the projects.


With its series, black-tech, revolutionary prizes and huge educational values, PartnerX enables every kid to possess an educational robot partner.

In the past 20 years, PartnerX has been dedicated to robot R&D, more than 40,000 schools and institutions, 1,200 school labs and 200 Abilix homes from over 50 countries and regions all over the world teach, contest and hold scientific activities with Abilix educational robots.


Named after Karel Capek, inventor of the world “robot”, Capek prize is working hard to become Nobel prize of robotic industry. It has been developed into the most credible and influential prize of domestic robotic industry. The prize aims to position the leading enterprises with strategic prospects and promote the model enterprises with innovative ability.