Some Highlights of PartnerX “Break through in 2017” Annual Meeting
Issued on:2017-01-21


On January 20, 2017, the “break through in 2017” 2016 PartnerX Plenary Session and 2017 annual meeting was held in Shanghai Theater. More than 1000 partners from the company attended the meeting to recall moments of 2016 and look forward to 2017. Partners gather together with confidence to welcome the new year.

National anthem of People’s Republic of China

All partners sang national anthem and company song


 CEO Fei Xufeng

“Break Through in 2017” Speech


Main contents of speech 


Special 2016

2016 is PartnerX’s 20th anniversary. In this year, the sales of educational robots soared so it was a year of milestone meaning. In this year, PartnerX has made some shifts: the business type shifted from TO B to TO B and TO C, online and offline. The product series extended from brick series to brick, mobile, humanoid and flying series.



The swift development of PartnerX in 2016
Firstly, we should thank this era in which technologies keep updating. The internet, AI, big data and cloud computing all provide steady support to educational robots; Great education, great consumption, innovative education and ability education all provide great market space for PartnerX.

Secondly, we should thank this great motherland. Most of our partners are born after 1978, together with the revival of the nation. This is an unprecedented opportunity to receive education, growth and work. When our partners grow up, the new industry boomed and the company grew rapidly, which is life opportunity of every partner.

After that , we should thank the great gene of the company. Our core values: Consistent creation; Accelerating speed; Serious & faith; Partners as fortune; Family-like teamwork; Unremitting persistence; our goal: to become the biggest robotic company in the world; our dream: Every one can possess a robot partner; our mission: to create a evolving enterprise beneficial to human beings. Due to these great genes, PartnerX can create brand new categories and realize great dreams.
Finally, thank our partners, the most precious fortune of the company, the foundation of company development.

Theme of 2017: break through

In 2017, PartnerX will concentrate on the strategy of No. 1 brand to reach break through of core business. Each partner should break through his former habits and experience, to reach the business development.

Target of 2017

Market share: No.1;
Brand: become the accepted No. 1 brand;
Income: to become the biggest robotic company in China.


Core leaders’ new year speech

Core leaders paid new year call

Leaders of PartnerX: CFO, CMO, CPO, COO, CBO and CHO all expressed their gratitude and new year wishes to partners.


Lovely partners

Core partners taking photo


The core value of partnerX is: Consistent creation; Accelerating speed; Serious & faith; Partners as fortune; Family-like teamwork; Unremitting persistence; In 2016, PartnerX has made great achievement. These all depend on our partners’ endeavor and work. Finally, six partners representing our core values were selected. Their spirits will inspire all partners to strive for higher targets.
Mr. Fei said, PartnerX has a batch of 5-year partners, 10-year partners and old partners who joined us before 2016. They all contributed to the development in 2016. Partners are our fortune, whether old or new. Our new partners has brought professionalized technologies with new thoughts. The culture became more multi-element.


Welcome new year

To welcome 2017, partners engaged in a get-together. These white collars, golden collars and technological talents are all versatile in acting. Do you think these programmers are otaku? They are so talented in dancing that all other partners got amazed. Do you think sales can only sell? Their magic talk show drew much applause; Do you think these robot teachers know nothing about Chinese culture? They are promoting the essence. Our partners all welcomed new year in happiness.

Partner’s get-together

The open flag dance excited people

Bel canto was beautiful

Laser dance from future

The ensemble of cello and violin

The interesting magic talk show

Harp+ballet, double elegance

Music up, energy up

Living theater told the thinking of teachers

IT talent can not only program robots to dance, but also dance himself

Cast group photo