On PartnerX’s 20th Anniversary
Issued on:2016-12-05

On December 2, Shanghai PartnerX Robotics Co., Ltd. (PartnerX) 20th anniversary activity took place in Songjiang, Shanghai. The company expressed respect through the unique and meaningful activity. More than 800 partners took part in the activity and attended the 20-km trailwalk. Finally 200,000 donation was raised to be devoted to fund.


1(Photo of part of the participants)

2(PartnerX CEO Fei Xufeng encouraged partners)

20 kilometers, 800 partners cooperated like siblings 

As a popular sports, trailwalk requires participants to complete walk in a certain routine within a certain period of time. All group members are together. This is a test of physical ability, endurance and team spirit.

At the trailwalk this time, each team is made of 10 people and the routine is around Chenshan Botanical Garden. The activity in the morning is the 6-km walk in the garden and team tasks. The activity in the afternoon is 14-km walk outside botanical garden.

Besides the work representing the consistence, other tasks also possess highlights. Teams must finish four tasks in the botanical gardens. Five other selective tasks can help the teams obtain better achievement, like “ten people four feet”,”trust buttock”,etc. Four compulsory tasks are “all member posture”, “over the hill”, “tactic transmission” and “climb Chenshan”. All members are required to make the posture of PartnerX, pass the plate in two. All members should transmit hula hoop in person and then go up to Chenshan. The tactic are examined so that strangers can get familiar with each other fast. The team building can be promoted.

3Ten people four feet, full of creation

4The test of tactic, the display of power

5Trust buttock in progress


Trust can support everything

Family-like cooperation is also core value of PartnerX. CEO Fei Xufeng said, this activity is designed on the basis of the 20-year core values. So it is good for employees to experience the enterprise culture.

7(Take photos with robots)

8(Take photos with cute Oculus)


(Let’s welcome our champion)

200,000 donation, beneficial to human beings 

This trailwalk is of nonprofit nature. After finishing the walk and interaction tasks, the team can obtain some badges. At the final, the badges can be used to change some love cubes. Pour cubes into the pool, when the pool reaches a certain scale, a certain amount of donation can be devoted to purchase Abilix equipment for schools.


 (Teammates completing the tasks pouring cubes into the pool)

It is known that the target to raise 200,000 donation were achieved through endeavor of all partners.


 (CFO Cao Min donated 200,000 Yuan)


The 20th anniversary, we will adhere to our dream, goal and mission 


20 years ago, PartnerX started its dream in a simple 22-squar-meter office. This is like the 20-km trailwalk. There are hardship during the development. After the endeavor and confirmation of values, with persistence, till now, PartnerX has grown into leader of the industry. To express gratitude towards employees, PartnerX granted employees having been working for the company for over 10 years and 5 years golden symbols and silver symbols respectively.



 (Photo of golden symbol and silver symbol partners)


With the support from all parts of the society and endeavor from all partners, PartnerX has joined state space plan, presented at Expo, become the exclusive robotic brand in the 3rd World Internet Conference. The sales reached 200 million within 8 minutes of the new product releasing conference. As introduced by Fei Xufeng, after consistence, currently, PartnerX has known clearly about the present and future of the industry. It will go on with its path of realizing the dream that every one can possess a robot partner.