Abilix Showed up at Worlddidac Basel and Wowed both the Counselor and the Kids
Issued on:2016-11-11


Hosted by Worlddidac Association, the Worlddidac Basel 2016 (referred to as the Expo) was held in BERNEXPO of Bernier, Switzerland from November 8 to 10. The Expo is a biennial education event that gathers world’s leading educational products.

Abilix showcased its new folks launched in September, i.e. brick robot Krypton series, mobile robot Oculus series, humanoid robot Everest series and flying robot Sinus series.



(Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland carefully listened to the introduction of Abilix products)


Catching up with the education trend, and winning the attention of the Counselor


Abilix attracted many eyeballs on the Expo, drawing the attention of not only professional audiences but also the Education Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, who listened to the product introduction carefully and watched the demonstration of several products.



(Abilix products were sought after by overseas distributors)


Feature products dazzled the kids


Abilix provides educational robots targeted at the young. Therefore, the products not only attracted the attention of adults but also the kids. The kids had great fun in the experience area. A girl took a picture with the robot with pity since she could not directly purchase the product on the spot.

According to Mr. Li Minghe, Overseas Marketing Manager of Abilix, the reason why Abilix was so well sought after on the Expo was because these new educational robots had more than 350 patents and cutting-edge black technologies, which stood them out from other products on the market.



 (Girl taking picture with Abilix robots))


It is known that the humanoid robot Everest 5 with unique 2-DOF hip joint, can turn and twist the waist for flexibly. It shew its dance talents which attracted lots of passers; the cute Oculus 5, which knows a lot and can speak a lot, is popular among kids; they become friends with Oculus inmmediately; the fully enclosed Iris 5 is a flying robot designed for kids. Its safety is appreciated by experts; the brick series Krypton is the first robot to adopt touch interaction, with its prize advantage, it is welcomed by distributors.