Abilix Drew Attention at Industrial Fair, Educational Robots Helps China to Proceed towards 2025
Issued on:2016-11-05


From November 1 to 6, 2016, Abilix, together with star products attended the 18th China International Industrial Fair. Its great performance attracted lots of visitors. Media placed attention to report it.

This fair took place at National Conference and Exhibition (Shanghai) Center. It served as crucial platform for communication and development of manufacturing industry. More than 2100 brands presented and over 100000 visitors participated in the fair. Robot exhibition was one of the eight featured exhibitions. This year, the theme is “Robot and System Integration Technique Helps Chinese to Proceed towards 2025.” It revealed the latest product and achievement of industrial robots, system integration

 (Abilix’s booth)


At this fair, Abilix released its four latest educational robot series catering to household users: brick series Krypton featured by six faces attachable system and touch controller; mobile series Oculus equipped with cyclone dust-collection system; fully enclosed and droop-proof flying series Iris and the flexible humanoid series Everest.


Equipped with more than 250 patented technologies, the four series are more advanced and identical than other similar products, so they attracted attention of experts. CCTV, China Robot Website, Xinhua News Agency and OFweek all made interview to Abilix.

 (CCTV’s interview)


For common visitors, Everest 5’s matrix dance was really a highlight. As introduced by staff at the fair, these dances can be compiled by kids rather than pre-determined by programs. Visitors were eager to experience the programming.

 (Visitors enjoying the dancing of Everest)


Educational robot is one of the service products. It is developed on the basis of advanced educational theories. With abound project designing space, they are the best platform to enhance adolescents’ scientific and technological literacy. When executing the projects, kids contact different knowledge in fields like mechanism, electronics, software and AI so that their literacy is enhanced. They get intimate to science and technology and manage to use them. These qualities are all crucial to kids’ future. At the same time, in 2025, the manufacturing of China must involve the robots. Kids contact robot and know related knowledge since childhood, which will surely contribute the manufacturing in 2025.