Abilix Releasing Conference Attracted the Attention of Media
Issued on:2016-09-26


Recently, PartnerX released its four series of robots totaling 9 types: brick series Krypton, mobile series Oculus, humanoid series Everest and flying series Iris. These has attracted attention of insiders, fans and media. Over 1500 people from 23 countries gathered at Shanghai Oriental Arts Center. The scale can be regarded as unprecedented.


The report on this conference were overspread. Besides more than 200 Chinese media, more than 300 foreign media also made reports on it. Especially for the U.S., German, British and Japanese media, whose educational ideas and technology were advanced.


Why can this releasing conference attract so much focus? What kind of information will they obtain?




The heat of educational robot attracts great attention 


With the educational ideas keep proceeding, educational robots have become ace of educational industry. Many of the government help to promote the development of educational robots so that they can be included in the school curriculum system. Up till now, according to the data provided by WER, this year more than 300000 participants form over 30 countries took part in WER contests this year.

Abilix, as leader of the industry, its every step will surely be focused by others. Its releasing conference will be especially noticed. No doubt, those nations with advanced educational theories and scientific and technological literacy will be more aware of the development of educational robot industry. That is why this releasing conference attracted reports and responses of both domestic and foreign media.


The milestone meaning of the releasing conference 


Co-founder of educational robotics, distinguished robotic scholar and Chairman of WER World Championships Professor Jake Mendelssohn presented there and said that he had seen revolutionary achievement of educational robots. He could foresee the bright future of educational robots.


 (Professor Jake Mendelssohn)


Why is this conference so important? We may see something from the reports.


1: Products. Various media reported on the black-tech of Abilix. It is acknowledged that there are totaling 161 patented technologies while each series boasts revolutionary break through.


2: market. The prizes makes it possible for intelligent robots to go into families. Media all made reports on the arrangement of household market. Robots go from class to life. The dream that every kid can have a robot partner is approaching.


3. Education. The educational values lead adolescents to go towards success. Media make reports on the educational values of the new products. They cannot be replaced in cultivating adolescents’ success ability.


 (part of the domestic media)


We can see the meaning of Abilix releasing conference from the width and depth of media reports. It is meaningful for educational industry.