Abilix Launched a New Advertising Video on SITA Lab Solution
Issued on:2019-05-01

The soul of Abilix SITA Lab Solution is Successful Intelligence & sci-Tech Accomplishment Education (SITA Education) created by Dr. Yun Weimin and Prof. Jake Mendelssohn. The core educational value of SITA Education is training successful intelligence, creativity, analytical skills and practical ability, bring up science and technology accomplishment and cultivating technology talents.


The Abilix SITA Lab is built for makers (aged between 3 to 18), technology talents, students with technology expertise as well as science and technology groups or clubs.


In senior high schools, the research-oriented Abilix SITA Lab is mainly built for university autonomous enrollment. It provides a cutting-edge inquiry learning platform for those talented students who want to enter top universities and select majors related to frontier science and technology. Its training courses contain 10 series including “Robotics”, “Artificial Technology” and “Big Data”.


In kindergartens, elementary schools and junior high schools, the interest-based Abilix SITA Lab primarily services students who are interested and skilled in science and technology. It constructs a space, where students’ interest and expertise on technology can be stimulated and cultivated, and also prepare those students for entering premium SITA Labs of prestigious schools.


The Abilix SITA Lab possess SITA Education theory, owning product system, curricula system, research project system, and education service system with more than 600 patents. Abilix has constructed tens of thousands of SITA Labs.


Abilix SITA Lab Solution is the proper Maker Education, STEM Education, Artificial Intelligence Education, Robotics Education, Creativity Education and Practical Education. Abilix SITA Lab represents the future of education and it will become the holy place where students obtain cultivation, satisfactory enrollment and future success.